Greengram or Mungbean, is a versatile grain legume, mainly grown during rainy season in India. It is an important pulse crop of Andhra Pradesh grown round the year in different niches. Being a short duration crop it fits into diverse cropping system including as an intercrop with many commercial crops. Thus there is demand for its seed.

High yielding and YMV disease resistant variety suitable for all seasons is desired. NRI Agritech Pvt, Ltd., developed ASG 001 (AMULYA) through back cross method of breeding using LGG 460 as recurring parent and HUM-1 as donor for YMV disease resistance. ASG 001 is also suitable for rice fallows in Krishna delta. Hence, the demand for the seed of this variety is increasing, as its performance is excellent with farmers realising 6-8 q/ac or even higher yields With the separation of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states, most of the greengram grown area has gone to Telangana. Out of 4.5 lakh ha. in the undevided state of Andhra Pradesh, the greengram area now in new AP is only 1.3 lakh ha. And it has become a deficit state.

Hence, there is a need to bring in more area under greengram. Andhra Pradesh lies predominantly in Coastal area and rice and commercial crops like Cotton, Chillies, vegetables are grown. It is difficult to replace these crops by greengram. However, the area under greengram may be increased many fold without affecting the main crop cultivation with a suitable variety(Short duration 60 days, synchronous maturity, bold seeded, YMV disease resistant) that fits as well as a preceding crop in Rice(as water release in canals is getting delayed) and chilli, in addition to as an intercrop in Cotton.

NRI Agritech has successfully developed a variety ‘Shakti’ with these traits and it holds promise for cultivation, in the niches mentioned above increasing incomes to the farmersand simultaneously enhances soil fertility without disturbing the present cropping pattern.

Greengram AS G 001 Amulya
  • Duration 75 days,
  • High Yielder,
  • A Proven Variety particularly for rabi season both in uplands and Rice Fallows.
  • Areas for adoption
  • Rabi rainfed & ID through the state.
  • Rice Fallows – Krishna delta,
  • Karnataka, Telangana, MP, Orissa, Chattisgarh.
Greengram NRI G 002 Sakti
  • A short duration (60 days), YMV resistant, bold seed variety.
  • It is a versatile variety and fits in diverse cropping systems.
  • Suitable for round the year cultivation
  • We can promote this variety as a preceding crop to Rice/Chillies.
  • By virtue of its short duration, it is an ideal intercrop in Cotton / Redgram
  • Suitable for summer season.
  • Areas of adoption: Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh.


The Projections for seed production and marketing are as follows.
YEAR Projected Market Volume Marketing value in  (Rs. Crores)
2015-16 200 3.00
2016-17 225 3.50
2017-18 275 4.50
2018-19 300 4.00
2019-20 400 5.00