Seed Production

Quality is the pass word of NRI Agritech.We follow rigorous seed multiplication cycle to achieve highest genetic purity. The company has established a modern seed processing plant and other state of art facilities to achieve high standards of physical purity for which the company is accredited with ISO 9001-2008 certificate. The company is well equipped with laboratory facilities for testing viability, germination, vigour, seed borne diseases etc., before releasing high quality seed for marketing.

  • sourcing of seed- nucleus seed from R&D and/or Breed seed SAU's/ICAR institutions
  • Production of basic seed/and or foundation seed
  • production of certified/ and of labeled seed
  • procurement of seed from seed production organizers and contract seed growers
  • transport of seed processing plant


Seed Processing

The processing plant is ISO 9001- 2008 certified and use State of art Technology and Equipment at all stages of processing to ensure high quality (Physical and Genetic purity and viability) and maintain the seed with optimum moisture level during storage.

Seed processing include drying, cleaning and sorting (grading and gravity separators) of seed. Treat the seed with insecticides and fungicides. At the same time the seed is subject to physical and genetic purity, germination tests and moisture content. After receiving satisfactory pass results on various tests, the lots of seed are permitted to pack in suitable containers and sent to disturbers for marketing.

  • Seed sampling before and after processing for genetic as well as physical quality analysis.
  • seed cleaning, grading
  • quality control
  • seed treatment
  • seed packing


Quality Control

  1. Grow out tests for genetic purity
  2. Moisture content & to maintain optimum moisture % as per the seed standards
  3. Germination and vigour tests
  4. Seed borne diseases
  5. Physical purity through seed cleaning grading, sorting
  6. Seed treatment with appropriate insecticide and fungicide