Rice is main staple food of Indians. Rice is grown over an area of 44 m ha in the country and Andhra Pradesh state is the Rice bowl of India with 2.5 M ha. A number of public bred notified varieties are under cultivation. However, the consumer preference in recent years have shifted towards medium slender grain fine rice like BPT 5204 (Samba Masuri). However, this variety suffers from BPH, BLB, Blast and also due to lack of dormancy the grains germinates on the standing crop, if inclement weather persists at the time of maturity.

But by virtue of its quality rice, BPT 5204 is still cultivated over 4.0 m ha every year in the country and hence, there is a great demand for its seed. NRI Agritech is producing high quality seed under the guidance of Dr. A. Satyanarayana through maintenance breeding and our company earned reputation for quality BPT 5204 seed and the farmers are asking for NRI BPT 5204 seed.

More over due to climate change and vagaries in monsoons, in recent years the canal water is released late and hence the planting of rice crop is getting delayed. The rice crop is suffering from diseases like Blast due to late planting. In addition the subsequent crop grown after rice under rice fallows is also effected adversely due to delayed sowings after the rice crop is harvested.

Therefore, Rice improvement programmes were initiated by NRI Agritech to develop medium (135 days) duration varieties to replace of mid late (150 days) varieties, suitable for late planting as well as to fit in double crop sequence (Rice-Blackgram, Greengram etc..) coupled with resistance to BPH, BLB, Blast with moderate levels of dormancy and rice quality similar to BPT 5204 or even superior to fit into various niches.

The efforts of NRI Agritech R&D, are successful in developing the following fine grain high yielding, disease resistant, medium duration varieties to replace BPT 5204 in various farming situations.

Rice NRI P 004 Delta
  • Proven Variety
  • Super fine Rice
  • Duration 130-135 days
  • Resistant to Blast disease
  • Non Lodging
  • Areas for adoption
  • suitable to cultivate in AP, Karnataka, Telangana
Rice NRI P 005 NRI Mahsuri
  • An excellent variety both for yield and quality to replace BPT 5204
  • It has bigger panicle than BPT 5204
  • It matures in 140 days (4-5 days earlier than BPT 5204)
  • Areas for adoption
  • suitable for all areas where BPT 5204 is cultivated
Rice NRI P 006 NRI Beeja
  • Short duration Rice Variety(115-120 days)
  • Super fine quality
  • Easy to grow
  • Less field problems
  • Areas for adoption
  • suitable to cultivate in MP, Chattisgarh Orissa,Karnataka, Rayalaseema and NSP area in AP
Rice NRI P 006 Bheem
  • A robust variety, free from problems under field conditions
  • Large panicle
  • Good quality grain
  • High yielder
  • Slightly late in maturity
  • Areas for adoption
  • Suitable for single cropped Rice area, tial ends of KWD of Guntur and Prakasam districts.
Rice NRI P 003 Ravi
  • Large panicle (600 – 700 Spikelets)
  • High yielder
  • Good quality
  • Resistant to BLB disease
  • Duration 135 days


There is demand for our varieties from other states (Karnataka, Telangana, MP) also.
YEAR Market Projected Volume (MT) Total Marketing value in  (Rs. Crores)
BPT 5204 New NRI  Varieties
2015-16 400 600 1000 4.20
2016-17 400 800 1200 5.20
2017-18 300 1000 1300 5.90
2018-19 200 1500 1700 8.10
2019-20 200 1800 2000 9.60