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Welcome to NRI Agritech

To face the challenges of the after effects of Green revolution, Professionals migrated from rural India and settled in USA and highly qualified Agricultural Scientists in India under the leadership of Dr. Alapati Satyanarayana a renowned Plant Breeder promoted NRI Agritech PVT. LTD, in the year 2008, with a collective will and social responsibility to improve the lives of farmers through improved seeds and education. NRI Agritech Pvt Ltd aims to make agriculture profitable by innovating high yielding hybrids / varieties of various crops utilizing cutting edge technologies and by creating awareness on sustainable agricultural practices. We consider education as a primary resource in agriculture development and is as important as seed.

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  • Research and Development

    NRI Agritech is a Research based company and all the products (Hybrids and varieties) developed are own and unique.

    NRI Agritech has established a competent R&D wing under the leadership of Dr.A.Satyanarayana, highly qualified (Gold medal at M.Sc (Ag.) 1969 and All India First Rank at ARS examination 1977) and renowned plant breeder. He acted as recourse person for pulses and vegetables in the country and handled a number of projects. His contributions to the farming community are enormous in terms of varieties, technologies and transfer of technology (Dr.A.Satyanarayana’s Bio data, appended),which have changed the economic scenario of rural India..

  • Seed Production

    Nucleus seed of varieties and parents of hybrids is produced by growing single plant progeny rows. Parents of hybrids are maintained through paired crosses.

    The nucleus seed is directly used to produce basic seed which is given to seed production organisers on contract to produce quality labeled seed.

    The company follows strictly Breeder to Foundation to Certified seed for all the notified varieties.

    Quality control at field level is monitored by the seed production and quality control staff as per the norms stipulated by Minimum Seed Standards prescribed by the government of India